How to use CBS All Access on Roku device

CBS All Access is to stream all CBS shows online without any cable TV service provider. Within this show you can watch movies, live TV and a lot more TV shows. CBS show can easily get access through your web browsing application on your today’s smart TV. This show also can easily access from some portable online streaming devices like Amazon Firestick, Apple TV and Roku . And also has some basic subscription plan but it’s totally low cost and affordable price. One more important and necessary step to know is, before you install this app on your smart TV, visit the official website and create online user account and make sure you subscribe their package according to your budget.

We are going to show you, how you can access or enjoy CBS All Access on your smart TV with a portable device called Roku.

CBS All access on roku

How to install and Activate CBS All Access on your Roku device?

In order to install CBS All Access app on Roku, just simply type and search on your Roku homepage search bar, when you see the icon just tap on it and wait the app to finish download and install by itself.

  1. Connect your Roku device to your TV and open up your Roku home page.
  2. Go to Roku home page search bar type CBS All Access and search it.
  3. Once you see from the search results, just tap it and wait the app to download and install automatically.
  4. After successfully install the app, open the app.
  5. You will have two options to login to your account: the first one will be manual sign in and the second will be with code.
  6. If you choose Sign in manually, you may have to enter all your CBS account credentials correctly. After you enter all your information hit the enter button.
  7. If you choose Sign with a code, a code with alpha-numeric will appear on the screen and make sure you copy down or try to memorize it.
  8. To activate with code, you have to open any one of your web browser on your smart phone or from your personal computer and open this link- and enter the code that display on your smart device screen and tap on Activate.
  9. After you successfully activate, your CBS All Access channel will refresh up by itself and start showing all the content of your CBS channel. Navigate to your choice show or movie, tap it and enjoy it.

How to Cancel CBS All Access subscription on your Roku device?

You can cancel your subscription in two ways. One is from your roku and one is from your smart device like computer and smart phone.

1.Go to your Roku home screen and select the CBS All Access channel.

  1. Press the setting button and that will take you to your account.
  2. Inside your account information tap on manage subscription and select cancel subscription and tab it. Once you did that all your subscription will cancel by itself.

4. Another method to cancel your subscription is from your smart device. Open any of your web browsers and go            to this link- type all your account credentials and sign in to your account. Click on manage subscription and click on cancel.

Final Words : If you are trying to activate  CBS all access on Roku,read our post and follow all the steps given in the blog so that you can activate CBS on Roku.Or call CBS activation support on toll-free number or Chat support on Fix My issue.

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