How to resolve some Roku common issue

A very common online media steaming device we’ve got is Roku. It was made to be durable and user friendly. Roku is simple and easy to operate and understandable but for some reason as an electronic device with basic operating system software and stream a high video quality online, user face some issue while watching content or loading media from the internet.

Fix Roku common issues
Fix Roku common issue

One common issue but complicated and hard to figure out what actually happen and badly effect to stream media with Roku is lost wireless communication with home wireless network. In this topic we are going to point out some issue that user have a hard time to figure but have a common solution in it.

  1. Channel Streaming Issue: When user face issue on streaming channel or having problem loading content issue usually caused by wireless connection or cable connection loose between Roku and smart TV.

Simplest and easiest way to resolve wireless issue is, restart your internet modem and check it back your issue resolve or it. This simple step can result to refresh the connection between the two devices and also reloading back internet speed the way how it was. You can also check your wireless related issue from your computer or smart phone that has Wi-Fi connectivity.

To check any connection loose between your devices, just turn off both Roku and your smart TV. Remove all cable and put it back in, turn it back on.

  1. Channel open up slow and freeze: When this problem occur it usually because Roku improper update or needs to update. To update you Roku, just go to your Roku settings, move over to system and tab on the update option.  You can see update is available or not. If update is in there go ahead and download and update it.


  1. Remote Stop working: When remote controls stop working, most users forget every remote control runs with separate battery. So, change your remote control battery immediately and check issue resolve or not.

But for some reason as remote works wireless improper paring sometime result seems remote control is not working at all. To re-pair your remote with your Roku press and hold it down the purple button until and unless you see the paring screen comes up on your screen. When you get the pairing menu, follow the instruction on the screen carefully and restart your devices. Your issue you will be fix.


  1. Poor video quality: This issue basically happens when you have slow internet speed. You can check your internet speed from your computer or smart phone by visiting a site to online internet speed test. If your internet speed is not good enough based on your subscription, contact your internet service provider, they will take care of it. When they fix your internet your issue will be resolve automatically.

Final Words: Fix Roku common issues with our blog post easily or call Roku activation support to fix Roku common issues on call via toll free number or visit to activate .

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