How to fix Roku Error Code 014, 014.30, 014.40, 014.50

Roku is a device which is really useful for streaming online live sports, events and thousands of channels and shows that millions of people enjoy recently at home with their smart television. It has been design to be very stable,durable and very simple and easy to operate. But when it comes to technology and associate with some other device wired and wireless issue has comes again and again to communicate with other devices.they shows some Roku error code,which means there is some technical lag during connectivity.

Roku error codes solution
Fix Roku Tv error Code 14

Most common issue relate to Roku device is wireless network issue and incorrect user input. All of the error code shows as in numerical number such as Roku Error code 001, Error code 003, Error code 006, Error code 009, Error code 0011, 0012, 0013,0014,0015,0016. But there are also some sub codes Error code 014 such as Error code 014.10, Error code 014.11, Error code 014.20, Error code 014.30, Error code 014.40, Error code 014.41, Error code 014.50, Error code 014.60, Error code 014.64

Mainly when Roku Error shows the Error 014 indicates that it’s a Roku wireless network connection issue. The further sub codes indication some specific connection where it place.  Based on every user point of view issue to be resolve and no one has the ability to diagnose what’s the root cause and just figure out where the issue comes from but all want to get it fixed at quick as possible.

Follow the given below steps to resolve Roku Error code 014, 014.30, 014.40, 014.50

As we mention before all of the above Roku Error codes were related to wireless connection issue. So, if you got the above error code concentrate on your Wi-Fi network, it may relate to your password, modem, weak signal and firewall issue based on the code numbers.

  1. First of all recheck your Wi-Fi username to make sure you try to connect to your own Wi-Fi. Since the first connection option comes based on the strength of the signal, some other Wi-Fi can show up at the top which seems ready to connect.
  2. A very common mistake that user make it type in a wrong password. When it comes to password especially Wi-Fi security password must be type or input correctly with lower and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. Some user usually input all lowercase letters but doesn’t work or not accepted by your device.
  3. If you have a hard time to connect to your Wi-Fi just check it once again with your other smart device like smart phone or tablet to make sure that you have internet working on your Wi-Fi
  4. The very good and simple solution while facing connection issue is restart both your device Roku and internet modem and see if that fix the issue.
  5. Check there is no brick wall between your internet modem and your Roku device plus make sure there is nothing which can block your Wi-Fi signal and also try to decrease the distance between your internet modem and your Roku device to increase the strength of your network.
  6. Login to your modem make administrator login page from your computer web browser or from your smart phone and check that your internet modem firewall blocks Roku or not.


Roku Error Code 014: This error indicates that your Roku is unable to detect a proper IP address from your internet modem and not communicate with it.

In this situation you can check your Wi-Fi password that you input on your Roku device, Make your Wi-Fi signal strength and check your Wi-Fi firewall settings.

Roku Error Code 014.30: This error indicates to weak Wi-Fi signal. To get a better signal you can move your internet modem a bit near to your Roku or you can setup Wi-Fi extender to eliminate this error code.

Roku Error Code 014.40: This issue indicates that there is some issue on your Wi-Fi password settings mode. Login to your modem administrator and check your Wi-Fi security setting, change the security mode to WPA-PSK . This will help you eliminate this error code.

Roku Error Code 014.50: This issue indicates for some reason you Roku device is unable to capture the local internet connection. Open up your Roku settings and go to system and tab on the restart button. This will help you eliminate this error code.

Final Words:  we are trying our best to give solution to the Roku streaming device users to solve errors coming during Roku Activation or after activation on the Roku device with communicating with other devices.please have a look on the given article over this and follow all steps.if you still not able to solve activation errors, just call Roku customer service number to contact to Roku activation department and talk to a Roku device technical expert.who will solve your technical issues instantly on the go.

How to fix Roku device Error Codes
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How to fix Roku device Error Codes
Solve all technical error during Roku activation or after activation or connecting with other devices with Roku streaming device.
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